Hi. My name is Amy Estes, and I’m an educator, a stand-up comic, a writer, and a yoga teacher from Northern California. I get it: that sounds like a weird combo. Regardless, that’s who I am and what I’m up to. For a long time, I’ve posted all of my different interests on different websites, but it’s a lot of website posting and Instagram management. Too much.

The things I’m passionate about in life all have some common threads: I love authentic conversation (even when it’s inappropriate), various forms of expression, genuine connection, experiences that create empathy, and opportunities for growth. I find all of those things through writing, comedy, and teaching and practicing yoga. You can find links to my writing here, my yoga teaching schedule, and a list of my upcoming comedy shows.

For a more detailed bio, check out my About page. To find out when I’ll be telling jokes near you, check out the Comedy page. If you want to read more of my writing, start on the Writing page (obvious, I know). I teach yoga at Rebel Yell Yoga Sacramento and my schedule and workshop information is on my Yoga page.