Girl power. For reals.

Girl power. For reals.

The basics: I’m a queer educator, writer, yoga teacher, and stand-up comic living with my partner, our two dogs, and our cat in Northern California.

The longer explanation is that I’m a human being who laughs at everything possible while also practicing gratitude, doing yoga, and writing earnestly about life. I’m an introvert who masquerades as an extrovert, and a hippie with a spreadsheet for just about everything. I started writing on the Internet in 2003, working in education in 2004, practicing yoga in 2005, and doing comedy in 2017. I love spin classes, good coffee, being outside, a new notebook and a good pen, cooking delicious food, poetry, petting every dog I meet, and true crime.

These all might seem like an odd blend of interests, but oddly enough, they are all connected. I’m passionate about authenticity and the way vulnerability helps us connect, which is reflected in my comedy, my writing, and my yoga teacher. I think connection to one another matters more than anything else, because that is what helps us cultivate empathy. I am always seeking opportunities for growth, because it makes me feel alive to pursue changes. Finally, I believe in the power of expression. These five values: authenticity, connection, empathy, growth, and expression connect all of my interests and serve as the “why” behind everything I do.

I started practicing yoga at a Bikram studio when I was 19. I loved it but decided to switch to a less intense hatha practice in my mid-20’s. At 26, I discovered power vinyasa yoga and fell in love. I graduated from my first teacher training program in 2013. I’ve done additional trainings, including Off The Mat, Into The World and a number of immersions, including yin yoga, hot power fusion, and assisting trainings. I believe yoga should be accessible for all, and teach from a body-positive and inclusive perspective. I also believe yoga is a jumping-off point for social justice, and that practices like yoga mean more when we take them off the mat. I also believe in the power of meditation and find at least five minutes per day to sit quietly. My teaching is most heavily influenced by Tara Brach, Mary Beth LaRue, Seane Corne, and Hala Khouri.

My comedy career technically began around the kitchen table with my very funny family, but I didn't take to the stage doing comedy until I was 34. I have performed at clubs like Sacramento's Laugh's Unlimited, the Punch Line San Francisco and Sacramento, Flappers, the HaHa Cafe, and the World Famous Comedy Store, as well as many clubs and events all over Northern California. I was part of the 2018 Women In Comedy Festival in Boston, MA, the Portland Queer Comedy Festival, and am excited to be part of San Francisco SketchFest 2019. I have opened for incredible comedians such as Julie Goldman, Rhea Butcher, and Gina Yashere. My style of comedy has been described as “uniquely hateful while somehow optimistic” and I draw from my experience as an educator, a queer woman, and life itself.